Head of the Department of Human Resources of the company Henkel Ukraine

Henkel is owes its success to people, who are open to everything new. These are people who will bring new ideas for our innovative brands and advanced technologies throughout the world. Students and university graduates for us are equally valuable and important as professionals with years of experience.

First of all, at the interview with the candidates, we pay attention to the motivation for working in our company, the fact whether the candidate knows the company’s history, its main brands. Further, it is important if future employee shares the values of Henkel.

For the employees of sales and marketing is important to know the market, key players, understanding their competitive advantages. Then, we pay attention to professional experience, knowledge of foreign languages, mobility.

In cooperation with the recruiting companies, in addition to formal duties the employee, we will describe the profile of the «ideal candidate» for the position.

The result of well coordinated recruiting company, HR department and line manager will be a job offer from the company Henkel Ukraine.