The product. We bring changes to our Client’s companies and recognize the associated risks. Our executive coaching consultants will develop an individual program to work with team changes; will provide the team leader with a set of necessary tools to manage the implementation process.

Technology allows us to define the nearest improvement zone and optimal performance zones for management talent and design tailored programs to facilitate managerial skill development. The main positive effect of implementing such technology is creation of a constant drive for personal qualification improvement, not related directly to remuneration system or any other forms of pay.




Individual and group coaching




Managerial development for executive and supervisory positions in small groups. Main effect is achieved via relevant business case re-modeling and immediate feedback. Training allows learning and retaining new skills directly during the training process and to benefit from using the new skills immediately after the program.

A. Organizational change and management

B. Leadership

С. Communication skills

D. Professional Development


Group trainings

Lectures and seminars

Individual consultations